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Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Why is Pelee Bulldogs the Place to Purchase a Bulldog Puppy?

Pelee Bulldogs is one of the top competitive breeders in all of Canada. Based out of Southwestern Ontario, Pelee Bulldogs has been breeding championship-caliber pups since 2004. Pelee Bulldogs' first home bred champion from their first litter, Ch. Pelee's King Pablo would achieve the number two bulldog ranking in Canada for 2007. With almost two decades of experience, 25 Canadian champions, and 8 American Champions to their name, Pelee Bulldogs have cemented their reputation as a committed reputable breeder. How does Pelee Bulldogs continue to ensure the quality of their pets? Let's take a look at their rigorous and health-focused breeding process!

If you are looking for a Bulldog for sale, you have come to the right place at Pelee Bulldogs. Pelee Bulldogs participates in health testing by The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA). Through this health testing process, Pelee Bulldogs is able to minimize or phase out health issues that would have potentially passed from one generation to the next.

 All puppies purchased from Pelee Bulldogs will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. In addition to CKC registration and the corresponding paperwork, your puppy will be microchipped, vaccinated, and sold with a two-year health guarantee. All bulldog puppies for sale at Pelee Bulldogs will be sold on a detailed contract.

As one of the top competitive Canadian breeders, Pelee Bulldogs is always looking forward to their exciting new litters. Right now, Pelee Bulldogs is expecting a litter of bulldog puppies in April of 2020. For interested parties looking to purchase a bulldog puppy, get in contact with Pelee Bulldogs in order to be added to our waiting list.

For further inquiries, do not hesitate to fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the Pelee Bulldogs website.

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